Building New Product: Chronos

Building new app that tells date in the past and future relative to today (for now).

Last Sunday, I saw a post on Reddit asking about an app that tells the date X days from today.
Thinking about it, I found myself need such information sometimes.
The feature is available in Typing Hero with a bit of setup.
It’s definitely not convenient to use Typing Hero for this.
I decided then to build a new app, Chronos, specific for this for 2 reasons.
First, most of the code is already written and only needs to be moved.
Second, if it has enough users, I probably can build other time related features that I’ve been looking for (not hard enough, though).
The MVP is simple: tells the date in the past or future relative to today.
The MVP is done in a few hours.
Most of it is spent with experimenting with the UI and UX.
notion image
notion image
notion image
The app is not yet now available on Play Store as Google is taking its time to approve it.

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