Building New Product: Drafting, Offline, Privacy-focused, Fast, and Minimalist Plain Text Editor for Android

Building Drafting, an offline, privacy-focused, fast, and minimalist plain text editor for Android.

It appears that I am building apps I want/need that I can’t find or buy.
I build Typing Hero because what’s available in the market is not performing as good as it could or should be.
I build Untrack because what’s available in the market are not designed to integrate well with one’s main activity with a link: click to open it.
At the end of October 2022, I started building Drafting because I can’t find an app like Drafts for iOS & Mac that also store the content in plain text file.
Drafting is an offline, privacy-focused, fast, and minimalist plain text editor for Android.
It doesn’t requires any permission to work, except (read &) write permission to a specific folder to store your writing.
It lets you start writing as soon as you launch the app.
You can control whether to start writing in a new draft, or in previously opened draft.
Each draft is a plain text file on the device.
You can sync your drafts with any device running any platform using third-party sync apps such as Syncthing or FolderSync.
You can open and edit your drafts using any text editor apps on any operating system.
I released the first version to Google Play a little over 2 weeks later.
I have shipped 24 releases within one month since the first release to deliver these features:
  • Undo & redo text changes
  • Editor configuration: font, text size, line spacing
  • Minimal Markdown support
  • Automatic list continuation (unordered, ordered, task)
  • Automatic matching closing pair insertion ([], {}, <>, “”, (), ``)
There are more features available in the app.
If you’re searching for an app to help you quickly capture information, or prefer keeping your notes as plain text file, Drafting might be a good fit for you!

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