Weekly Review: W1 2023

A short review about work and life for week 1 in 2023.


I shipped 4 releases out for Drafting.
  • 1.31
    • Custom Toolbar
  • 1.32
    • Stay in File Manager if current draft is deleted
    • Add new button to delete current draft in Draft Toolbar
    • Change the Manage Custom Toolbar icon
  • 1.33
    • Improve instructions on how to use Custom Toolbar Manager
    • Change the link in Settings to report bug using Discord
    • Fix bug where Markdown link is unexpectedly generated in certain circumstances
  • 1.34
    • Vibrate slightly when starting & finishing moving a Custom Toolbar icon
    • Improve wording when deleting current draft
    • Move File Manager icon position in Draft Toolbar
    • Fix crash when opening certain Markdown file
For Typing Hero, I provided timely support for several paying customers and some non-paying users.
I also start planning the work ahead for Typing Hero.


I met and had a chat with Andrew for a few hours earlier this week.
He shared a lot of tips & tricks about living in Singapore, as well as many other things.
I found a few nice places for meals and coffee in Singapore.
  • Alchemist, Design Orchard I had a pourover which name I didn't know because I asked the barista to decide one for me.
  • indorica, 313@Somerset I had Soto Ambengan from this stall. It is by far the tastiest Indonesian food I've found and tried in Singapore. The dude taking my order spoke to me in Indonesian though I’m all masked up! ❤️
  • 3 Meals a Day, Sim Lim Square The food is good! I think around 80% of the people in the small shop is from Indonesia. I am totally grateful to the owner for offering us the best seat in the shop: the corner next to a window. She offered that after seeing my wife and I are moving aside as people passing us in that fully packed shop. ❤️
  • SYIP, Luzerne The drinks are okay. I had iced Monochrome (vanilla, milk, and espresso) and Matcha with oat milk.
I read DHH's short writing this week: A high bar is high respect.
It is interesting and insightful just like most of his other writings.
I should dedicate time to read more!

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