Weekly Review: W3 2023

A short review about work and life for week 3 in 2023.


I shipped 3 releases out for Drafting.
  • 1.40
    • Fix text in the Editor cleared unexpectedly when using the Share button
    • Improve Markdown Link syntax creation
  • 1.41
    • Fix misplaced Toolbar when returning to app
    • Fix Draft folder location duplicated on every app launch
    • Ensure keyboard not showing up when returning to Settings screen
  • 1.42
    • Fix previous draft is opened instead of creating new draft when returning to app
    • Slightly increase the rename icon to the right of Draft file name at the top
I also started working on replacing the usage of Storage Access Framework for the File Manager component in Drafting.
There is no release for Typing Hero this week.
I just provided support to a few users who are reaching out for help and to ask questions.


Interesting reads:
I didn’t do a lot of reading this week unfortunately.
I’m also back in Singapore.
I forgot to fill out the Arrival Card beforehand. 🤦
And almost an hour was wasted queueing at the immigration check point.

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