Weekly Review: W4 2023

A short review about work and life for week 4 in 2023.


I shipped 6 releases out for Drafting.
Drafting is getting a lot of improvements around File Manager.
I also introduced three default folder specific to Drafting: Fleeting, Archive, and Templates.
The Fleeting folder is where new drafts are stored.
The Archive folder is where draft is moved to when archiving a note.
The Templates folder is where all templates are stored.
There is no development work for Typing Hero yet.
All I did was responding to email from users.


Interesting reads:
I read a few other stuff, but I didn’t have them recorded. 😅
Last week I learn that I can design my own t-shirt at Uniqlo. I’m planning to design some with logo of Typing Hero and Drafting (once it has a new logo).
I went to National Gallery Singapore with my wife last weekend.
We visited the Living Pictures exhibition and Liu Kuo-Sung: Experimentation as Method exhibition.

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